SumUp, the 02/21 weekly news recap from TNJC staff

BY Will Iboshi, Axel Icazbalceta, and Hanah Kitamoto   FEB. 21, 2021

Escalating situation in Myanmar (World News)

Earlier this week, a young woman died from her injuries after being shot in the head during anti-coup protests in Myanmar, sparking outrage among demonstrators.1 Over 50 people have been arrested after a military coup led by Min Aung Hlaing in February, including opposition politician Aung San Suu Syi.2

NASA’s latest robotic explorer touched down on Mars (Science)

NASA’s latest robotic explorer, Perseverance, touched down on Thursday after a 203-day journey to Mars.3 The rover will be used to analyze the chemical makeup of the planet and search for evidence of life. The mission controllers confirmed the successful touchdown at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

Facebook removes access to local and international news in Australia (Tech)

Facebook announced that users and companies in Australia would no longer be able to view news from local and global publications on Wednesday. During the roll-out of the policy, access to information from health organizations, emergency services and charities were temporarily affected. The policy was enacted in response to the introduction of a bill in the Australian Senate, which would require tech companies like Facebook and Google to compensate publishers for using their content.4

Sen. Ted Cruz faces criticism after leaving the country during winter storm crisis (U.S. News)

Senator Ted Cruz faced backlash after leaving for Cancún amid a winter storm in Texas on Wednesday. The trip left Cruz reviled by both Democrats and Republicans, including GOP Rep. Michael McCaul. Cruz returned to Houston on Thursday afternoon. According to ABC, the winter storm caused $18 billion of damage, and nearly 70 deaths were reported.5

$15 minimum wage remains sticking point in COVID-19 stimulus bill (Politics)

As President Biden and the Democratic-controlled Congress attempt to pass a third COVID-19 stimulus bill, a provision in the bill to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour has stirred controversy. The minimum wage provision has already caused two Democrats in the Senate to speak out, jeopardizing the bill’s chance of passage. If signed, this bill would provide stimulus checks, unemployment assistance, funding for state governments and grants for small business owners, among other provisions.6


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