In Conversation with NBCUniversal Executive Vice President Craig Robinson

BY JOSH MYSORÉ   OCT. 16, 2020


Who: Craig Robinson, Chief Head of Diversity at NBCUniversal

What: For Free Speech Week 2020, TNJC co-founder Josh Mysoré sat down with NBC Universal Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer Craig Robinson. In this video special, the pair dive straight into topics such as affinity groups and the preservation of democracy.

When: October 16th, 4p.m. CDT

Where: Zoom

Why: To explore an expert’s opinion on the importance of diversity of thought and its intersections with free speech



00:00 - Josh’s Introduction
00:23 - Guest Introduction
01:03 - Q1, Upbringing in Echo Park / Biracial Family
08:53 - Q2, Sochi Olympics LGBTQ+ Rep
15:50 - Q3, External Organizations w/ NBC
24:00 - Q4, Affinity Groups
34:00 - Q5, Straight White Male Concept
38:18 - Q6, Tokenism
47:11 - Q7, American Democracy / Facts For Gen Z
53:45 - Conclusion / Final Remarks

Reporter’s Remarks

This interview with Mr. Robinson, in all honesty, served as an insightful way of learning about diversity, democracy and free speech in the 21st century. Some of my favorite parts of the interview include:

  • Q4: Affinity groups are an interesting topic. It’s good to inform oneself before forming an opinion.
  • Q5: Let’s be honest—we have all heard the “straight white male” trope repeated. Does the term really hold weight? See what Mr. Robinson thinks.
  • Q7: Instagram activism, fake news and a stream of content means that our generation has an experience unlike no other. How will this technological shift change the world’s direction?>

I hope y’all enjoy this content and really explore this take on diversity, freedom and rightful assembly for our age group. Stay informed, make personal opinions and always pursue your unalienable right to free speech.